This weekend we celebrate what has made America the backbone of the world economy and the lynchpin to global security: you! Yes, you: the hardworking men and women who go to work every day without fanfare or applause and keep our schools, hospitals, military, small businesses, factories and energy industry going.

We celebrate, but for many of you, there has been less to celebrate lately. Jobs are scarce. 18,000 have lost good livings in the energy industry in the last few months. The minimum wage is unable to sustain even those willing to work two jobs. Equal pay is still not a reality. Our families are under attack, and the financial situation has put strain on marriages and communities and churches like never before.  Washington has ignored our state and allowed our roads and infrastructure to fall into dangerous disrepair, putting additional burdens on us all. But things can change.

The good news is the campaign to bring jobs back to Northwest Louisiana is well under way. This past week alone we visited over 7 parishes in the district to meet with community leaders to hear the issues that are important to their area. Our Facebook page reached over 28,000 people. We received several more law enforcement endorsements from District Attorneys and Sheriffs across the state. We were also endorsed by the AFL-CIO and by Shreveport Bossier teachers. We are pushing forward toward the finish line, but we need your support!

We can bring jobs back, revive our economy, support our families, and protect the values we hold dear. We can do better.  It will take us all, banding together, deciding principle is more important than parties, and making a change for our district.  Let’s come together to make Labor Day a holiday to really celebrate again.
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