The Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) has released its official recommendation for the upcoming Fourth District Congressional race.

“This is a very important election for the future of Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District. Our political action committee recommends individuals based upon their support of Louisiana’s public schools,” said LAE President Debbie Meaux. “We are confident Marshall Jones is the man for the job because his values align with the interests of our schools, educators, parents, and kids. He has a long history of working to improve the lives of the citizens of North Louisiana, and has been a consistent advocate for special needs students, teachers, health care workers, law enforcement, and small business owners.”

In response to the endorsement, Jones said, “I am proud to accept the support of Louisiana educators. It is vital that students across our state have access to quality public schools – schools that stand to provide students with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential.”

The LAE gave each candidate running for the open seat in the 4th Congressional District the opportunity to complete a survey surrounding important views on the state’s public education system. In his completed survey, Jones outlined a plan to fight for increased safety measures in all schools; to develop programs to aid struggling students; and to provide opportunities for students to explore beyond the core academic subjects with arts, music, career-based learning, and exercise.

The LAE is comprised of 20,000 public school employees from across Louisiana. For more information, visit