During the presidential race, many Americans expressed concern about the economy and the security of our country. In the weeks following the election, citizens across the district have asked me how I will address these concerns. Read my answers to important questions to learn more about my common sense plan for a brighter future for Louisiana.

1. Marshall, if elected, will you be able to work with the new Trump administration?

Absolutely—from Day One. Throughout my campaign, I agreed with two of Mr. Trump’s principle messages: First, that “the system is rigged.” And second, that many of the residents of Northwest Louisiana — both white and black — feel a strong sense of economic abandonment by our country because of the loss of good jobs and economic opportunity in our region of the state. Mr. Trump also campaigned on an issue that Democrats and Republicans have long championed in Northwest Louisiana—that we all have a shared desire for “principles of strength” that includes a strong military, a strong economy and strong families. Mr. Trump also champions the domestic oil and gas industry by promising to remove regulations that burden the industry. And he champions spending more on our crumbling infrastructure, putting people back to work, and preventing American companies from moving jobs overseas. 

As you may recall, I purposefully did not get involved in the Presidential race, nor did I endorse the Democratic candidate for President, Sec. Clinton.

2. Marshall, you are pro-life, pro-family and pro-Second Amendment. Why are you running as a Democrat?

Louisiana has a very different political climate. Most Louisiana Democrats that I know are personally pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment. We are a very conservative State. I registered as a Democrat at age 18 and, while the National Democratic Party has shifted “left,” I remained a conservative Democrat who recognizes the sanctity of every human life and will protect our Second Amendment rights. As a committed Christian, I will defend our Constitution’s founding principles of faith, family and freedom.


3. Marshall, you are a business lawyer, a businessman, a farmer, and you are active in the oil industry. How does that add up to a Democratic candidacy?

As a businessman, an oil and gas operator and a farmer, I will continue to stand for Louisiana energy and agriculture jobs. As part of our economic plan, we need to unleash our nation’s energy and manufacturing sectors to bolster jobs for working men and women, regardless of their party affiliation or race. As a life-long resident of Louisiana, I am for giving all people in Louisiana a chance at the American Dream. Like you, I am tired of the “far right” and “far left” fighting over everything in Washington and nothing gets done. We can do better than that. We will do better than that.


With my business experience and commitment to the people of the Fourth Congressional District, we can fight for a better future for our state and our country.

Together, we really can do better.