Marshall Jones believes that it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.

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Democrat Marshall Jones of Shreveport rejected his state party chair’s attack on Jones’ Republican opponent Mike Johnson, but it’s unclear whether Jones will reject the endorsement made on his behalf Thursday by the Louisiana Democrats in the 4th Congressional District race.

Party chair and state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson condemned Johnson, a state representative from Benton, saying he “has made a career of putting hate and bias at the top of his list.”

Jones said in a text exchange with USA Today Network of Louisiana he didn’t ask for his state party’s endorsement and hasn’t seen the press release announcing it.

“If the Louisiana Democrats say anything negative about my opponent, it is absolutely without my knowledge or concurrence,” Jones said. “Mike Johnson is a good man and I have nothing but positive things to say about Mike. Mike and I both plan to run positive campaigns.

“I absolutely disavow any such statement about my colleague Mike.”

Members of the party’s executive committee, led by Peterson, gave unanimous approval to Jones and to U.S. Senate candidate Foster Campbell of Elm Grove. They have asked the full Democratic State Central Committee to follow their lead and mailed ballots Thursday.

Jones led the eight-candidate primary field with 28 percent followed by Johnson at 25 percent.

“Marshall Jones has shown he is an independent and fair minded business man who has offered himself up for service,” Peterson said in a press release endorsing Jones. “Marshall’s values have been shaped by his faith and closely align with the great people of the 4th Congressional District.  We are confident as voters get to know Marshall they will see a man committed to representing the entire congressional district and making sure their voices are represented in Congress.”

Here’s Peterson’s full statement about Johnson, with whom she serves in the state Legislature.

“On the other hand, Rep. Mike Johnson has made a career of putting hate and bias at the top of his list, earning a living from the taxpayers by catering to a small few special interests,” she said. “Since being elected he has little to show for the representation of his district. If he can’t deliver for you in Baton Rouge, why in the world would we expect different from him in Washington D.C.?  Voters in the 4th Congressional District pay a lot in taxes and they deserve to have someone fighting to bring those taxes back home rather than go into a pay check for Mike Johnson.”

Peterson had strong words condemning Johnson, saying he “has made a career of putting hate and bias at the top of his list.”

In the Senate runoff, Campbell faces Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy.

“Commissioner Foster Campbell is a lifelong champion of the working people of this state,” she said. “He is a tireless advocate for education, teachers and especially for women.”

by Greg Hilburn

via the News Star