The speculation has ended! It is now official. Conservative attorney and businessman Marshall Jones of Shreveport is running for Congress in the open seat in the 4th Congressional District. Today, Marshall Jones joined with a group of ministers and supporters from across the 4th Congressional District in his office for over an hour to discuss current issues and pray for guidance for the United States.


Pastors Denny Duron and Durell Tubberville join Marshall Jones as he launches his campaign for Congress

Among others, Pastors Denny Duron, Brady Blade, and Durell Tuberville offered prayer and advice to the candidate.  When asked about his relationship with Jones, Pastor Tuberville explained, “Marshall has stood with me for over twenty years. I’ve watched his life, and he has always been dedicated to making a difference in our area and supporting law enforcement.  We need men like him to step up and lead the way in these difficult times.”

This gathering is the first official act of the “Jones for Congress” Campaign after qualifying last week and issuing an online announcement video earlier this morning on a variety of social media and online platforms. The somber mood of current events in Louisiana and in the country prompted Jones to forego a traditional announcement event for the more focused prayer gathering.

“Today isn’t about political parties. Today is about Americans coming together for a moment to humbly ask for help in an environment where we do not have all the answers.”  Jones said about the gathering.  “I wanted to make sure that it is clear from the outset that I am for finding the common ground.  We have more in common than not.  Coming together is where the best ideas are found and where we will all find a way to rebuild this country and this area into a more fair and more prosperous community.”


Marshall Jones meets with friends, family, and local ministers to begin his campaign for Congress with prayer.

For several weeks Jones has been meeting with businessmen, elected officials, members of the Law Enforcement community, and potential supporters throughout the 4th District. “Many have expressed their concern with both the economic condition of the state and the safety of their families and law enforcement. They are ready for change, and I believe I can use my experience to bring that change to our area.”  Jones said about the pre-announcement stage of his campaign. “It’s really about introducing myself to the community.”

Of course in Caddo and Bossier Parishes, Marshall Jones needs little introduction. A lifelong resident of Caddo Parish, Jones is a graduate of C.E. Byrd High School; he then earned an accounting degree from SMU and a law degree from LSU.  Jones qualified for the race as the only Democrat, and is pro-military, pro-life, and pro-Second Amendment.  The father of three and grandfather of seven has been active in the business community, oil and gas industry, and with economic development groups for decades. Jones and his wife Cindy, as well as his sister and brother in law, Judge Frances Jones Pitman and Judge Mike Pitman, are mainstays of the Shreveport community.

Although Jones has chaired both republican and democratic campaigns in the past, including campaigns for his sister and brother-in-law, this is the first time that Jones has stepped into the Pitman lane in the public service relay. “I’m excited about this opportunity to serve the people of the Fourth Congressional District.  Our region of the State is at a crossroads.  It has been steadily declining for over twenty years with little to no help from Congress.  Hard work and courageous leadership is required for us to secure a brighter future for our families and our children.  And economic prosperity has always been linked to safety and stability.”  Jones said.

Jones will outline policy goals of his campaign at meetings throughout the 4th District.  “This campaign and this office isn’t for the benefit of one area of the district – or one city or parish – it is for everyone. So, I’m going to take my message to every area that I possibly can.”  That will require Jones to travel quite a bit across the state, but the barnstorming campaign season has already begun with events in several different parishes planned for future weeks.  “We are organized in almost every parish at this point and have received important endorsements from many elected officials including law enforcement.” said Curtis Joseph, a local attorney and part of the Jones Campaign Committee. “Marshall is heavily supported within the Law Enforcement community and also has tremendous support in the minority community. While it’s unusual, this is a testament to Marshall Jones’ ability to work  which is very important for our current time in history.”

Jones credits a challenge from his daughter Katherine as the motivation for entering the race.  “Katherine told me that unless someone did something there would be no opportunity for her and her generation to work and build a life in the Northwest part of Louisiana.  She challenged me to be that someone.  So, I accepted that challenge.”  With four months to go, Jones has quite a challenge ahead of him, but if today is any indication, it will be a challenge met with lots of prayer.

Marshall Jones’ announcement speech and other information about his candidacy may be viewed at